Hats, Hats Everywhere


My husband has a bajillion hats.  and for some reason they would end anywhere and everywhere, except for the closet.  Which is weird, because he is a very neat, clean person.  I tried baskets, shelves, you name it.  Well ta-da.  Found something that works!  I took some tack nails and hung each hat on a nail in the coat … [Read more...]

My Easter Tablescape

photo 4

I have a slight obsession with paper.  Okay, a major obsession.  While shopping on treat.™ (a division of Shutterfly), I found some really nice cards that I thought I could incorporate in my Easter decor.  I am not one to send Easter cards out, so I decided to do something a little different with their cards!   I must start by … [Read more...]

Maffy’s Easter Bread


This is a very very special recipe.  My grandmother, Mafalda (Maffy), used to make this for Easter every year.  Along with Pizzelles and some of the best damn Italian food you have ever tasted.  Maffy shared her recipe with my mom a long time ago so she began making it.  Then she stopped.  Until last year when she surprised … [Read more...]

Year of Dates – March Edition


For our March date, I was going to cook a traditional Irish meal and decorate and make a ton of themed food.  Well, since we are both on diets and march got busy, we went out to eat at a traditional Irish Pub instead :)  So, yes, I cheated for this one.   A few weeks ago (yes, the date did actually take place in March!) we farm sat … [Read more...]

Five on Friday


1. Tazo Passion Tea - I have no idea how it has taken me this long to be introduced to this, but it is GOOD.  Guess what, same damn thing you pay $10.00 for at Starbucks!  I brew it in the morning and pour over ice and drink with my lunch.  Delightful.  Thanks Lia for this introduction ;) 2.  Benefit Perfect Brow pencil. … [Read more...]

Craft Room/Office Inspiration


Hubs has his man office and it makes me a little jealous because I want a pretty girl office.  Well I've taken over one of the spare bedrooms and am going to make a craft room/office - sooo excited!  I need a few things to get me going: 1.  Color Scheme for the room - thanks to Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, I know have this fabulous … [Read more...]

Popcorn Divine!


On Monday, I was shown this place...this heavenly place called Popcorn Divine.  They have so many fun flavors, and they are so delicious:   What flavors did I pick you ask?  Well, I got Rice Krispy Treats, Blueberry Muffin, Cap'n Crunch, and Oreo Cheesecake.  YUM.  My fav is oreo cheescake.   Don't fret - you can … [Read more...]

Weigh In Wednesday

 I am just loving Weigh In day lately :)  I'm down 9 pounds!!! I can't believe it.  It is certainly motivation to keep going when I have feelings of wanting something delicious (aka fatty).  I actually did go out to eat twice and am thrilled that it didn't kill my loss.  I Just kept portions in check and ordered something … [Read more...]

Aquarium Date!

photo 9

I am a little late on this - we did actually do this date in February :)  As Sutton's year of dates continues, February was our Aquarium Date at the Georgia Aquarium. 1. Little penguin, swimming around.  Super cute. 2.  I found Nemo!!!!! Can you? 3. Seahorse...awwwww.  I still prefer land horses thank you very much! 4. … [Read more...]

Five on Friday


Can I please get a 'thank you baby jesus' for the weekend being here!  This week was painful.  Hello Friday, I love you.  But, no, you did not make my five list. First on my list is Essie's 'Play Date'.  I've been wearing it all week long and I just love it.  They have a fantastic spring collection - I got mine at … [Read more...]