What’s REALLY Going On

I honestly can't believe I am about to write this - I really try to keep this blog very positive and make it a fun place for all.  But the truth is I haven't been in a fun place for a while.  I sort of disappeared for a while from here - sure, I was super busy with the move and starting up my little side business, but if I'm being 100% honest - and you deserve honest - after all, we are friends - I've just been really damn depressed. It's no … [Read more...]

Welcome 2015!

Oh hey...have you forgotten about me yet?  Well after a very sick holiday season in our household I am here with some very very exciting news.  Part of the reason I have been MIA the past two months is because I have started up a little business over here!!  Over Thanksgiving my cousin taught me how to crochet and I am hooked (haha, get it, hooked.  I crack myself up).  It really is so fun and I love trying new hats and … [Read more...]

My Fight with Keurig


For anyone that knows me, you know I am an Einstein Bagel Bro. freak – I mean I love that place. I am pretty sure if it wasn’t for me a few locations would have gone bankrupt. About 3 years ago I sent them a note asking if they were going to make K-Cups, their coffee is delish. Vanilla Hazelnut = yum, but the once a year Winter Blend? Watch out. I will knock over children to get to it. Imagine my excitement when I walk in last week to see the … [Read more...]

New Home – Old Life


I bet you all thought I was gone forever huh?  Yes, its been months, I'm very sorry....  I'm been really busy with life.  We are back in Charlotte (YAY!) with our new jobs and FINALLY found a home.   We lived in an apartment for what seemed like the longest 6 weeks of our lives - going back to an apartment after you have owned your own home is less than awesome - it's even worse when everything you own is in storage and you … [Read more...]

Hello? Are You There?


I bet you thought I disappeared didn't you?  Well I sort of have, but for exciting reasons!!!  I am so so happy to announce that hubs and I are moving back to Charlotte - yay! So I've been a little busy doing things like getting a job, trying to sell our house, trying to find a new house to buy, trying to find a home for baby Ryder to live.  All very exciting things, but while combined, quite stressful.  So don't fret - … [Read more...]

Year of Dates – May

photo 1

This was one of my favorite dates so far!!  Originally I wanted to go hiking at Stone Mountain since it seems to be a big tourist stop.  However, since it was memorial day weekend we thought we should go to Kennesaw Mountain since it is a National Battlefield Park.  Well, it seems a lot of people had that same idea, but it was a ton of fun regardless! We even got to take the boys and they had a ton of fun.  Especially when … [Read more...]

5 on Friday – Memorial Day Edition


Ahh Memorial Day!  One of my favorite weekends, kicking off summer!!!! :) Let's not forget to remember what this day is really about - Remembering all of those who died serving this great nation - without them we wouldn't have the freedoms we often take for granted. Swim in holiday spirit!  How cute is this swimsuit from JCrew?  You know, my favorite place - my buddy Micky works there!   Keep … [Read more...]

That Time I Talked to JCrew’s CEO


I am 6 feet tall, which may not seem like that big of deal.  But, you see, I wasn't really built proportionally.  My legs are about 3.5 feet tall and the rest of me 2.5.  Finding pants long enough was a bitch of a task.  Then finally, I was able to find jeans, yay.  Then I started working....Apparently it's ok to look like a total douche while you're at work, but we will allow you cool long jeans for the weekend. … [Read more...]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm


I love love my house, I really do.  But some parts of the house make me go hmmmm.  Today, lets check out this "neat" little door: So whenever people see this door, they say "oh that's so cool".  You know why you think it's so cool? Because it's not your house.  I mean what was the plan here Mr. Builder?  Of course, I believe you had an actual plan when you put this half size slanted door in.  You know … [Read more...]

Horse Addicts: The Untold Story


I have a very special surprise for you today!  The hubs has taken over the blog today to talk about how much he just LOVES the horse world he is now a part of :)  Enjoy! ------------------------ Having been indoctrinated into the “horse culture” by my wife 4 years ago, I have come to understand a great many things about the equine world, and more importantly, about the people who ride these magnificent creatures. As I’m sure any … [Read more...]